Port of Vancouver USA Shares Vision for Terminal 1 Waterfront Development

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Port of Vancouver USA held two public events on Sept. 11 to share its vision for the Terminal 1 waterfront development project.

The Terminal 1 project revitalizes the port’s birthplace – a former marine and industrial site – on the Columbia River in downtown Vancouver, creating a public gathering space to attract locals and visitors alike.

“Terminal 1 holds a special place in our community, physically and emotionally,” said Project Manager Jonathan Eder. “It’s the entrance to Washington state and Vancouver from the south, it’s where we started moving cargo on the Columbia River a century ago, and it’s long been our community’s link to the river. It deserves to be something special that reflects our unique culture and sense of place, and that’s how we’ve approached the entire process of redevelopment.”

Design elements
Port staff and consultants shared project renderings and a walk-through video with the port’s Board of Commissioners, Terminal 1 advisory committee and the public during a workshop and open house Sept. 11.

The visuals showed multi-story office and mixed-use buildings; the 160-room AC by Marriott hotel planned for construction in 2019; the Renaissance Trail extension and beautifully landscaped public spaces; public and cruise ship docks; and a public marketplace on the dock over the Columbia River.

The public marketplace design evokes Terminal 1’s industrial history, with a basilica roof, corrugated metal siding and garage doors that can be rolled up to provide indoor/outdoor space. It is intended to complement Vancouver’s existing Farmers Market, with vendors and restaurants selling local food and drink, crafts, art and more.

Next steps
The project team is nearing 30 percent design and will begin developing cost estimates and plans for project phasing and funding.

For more information on the Terminal 1 project and to view the preferred alternative, visit www.portvanusa.com/key-projects/waterfront-project.

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