Washington Legislature Prioritizes Funding for Port of Vancouver USA’s Terminal 1 Redevelopment

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Port of Vancouver USA will receive $3.5 million from the Washington State Legislature to remove its 100-year-old Terminal 1 dock. 

 The state’s final 2023 capital budget included funding for the Port of Vancouver USA’s next phase of its Terminal 1 redevelopment project, signed into law by Governor Inslee on May 16, 2023. The port plans to demolish and rebuild the dock that once supported the old Red Lion Hotel and Quay Restaurant. Once replaced, the Terminal 1 dock will be home to a public market.  

 The removal phase is scheduled to begin fall 2023. In the process, 880 old wood pilings will be removed. The process of removing creosote-treated pilings and the deck will be completed by early 2024, and then approximately 160 new steel and concrete pilings will be installed that will create a more fish-friendly and environmentally safe structure. 

 “Our state legislators have truly been champions for the Port of Vancouver USA as we work to remake Terminal 1 into a premier destination on the Columbia River,” said port CEO Julianna Marler. “To bring that vision to completion, we need to replace our 100-year-old dock with a structure that makes the necessary ecological upgrades for the river and is fully capable of supporting the public market and river tourism in the years ahead. 

 “We’re particularly grateful to our lead legislative champions, Senator Annette Cleveland and Representative Kevin Waters, for sharing in the vision and securing state funding to compliment the port’s investment in this critical next phase of revitalizing Terminal 1.”  

 “I’m so pleased to be an advocate in Olympia for the Port of Vancouver and its effort to transform Terminal 1 into an inviting location for our community, visitors and a hub for economic activity,” said Sen. Cleveland. “We already know for certain that thousands of new jobs are coming to Terminal 1 in the near future; we’ve seen the opening of the beautiful Vancouver Landing public access area. The port has proven to be a capable and visionary partner in transforming the waterfront, and I’m excited to help it make significant environmental improvements to its iconic Terminal 1 dock that will ultimately result in more opportunities for small businesses and the region’s economy as a whole.” 

 “Terminal 1 is such a special asset for this region. By removing outdated infrastructure and making way for a safe new dock and marketplace, the Port of Vancouver is improving this public asset on the river’s edge for the benefit of our entire community,” said Rep. Waters. “I worked with my colleagues in the legislature to return the public’s hard-earned tax dollars here and transform this asset that will be something our community can see, enjoy and be proud of for decades to come.”  

 The port and its partners in the public and private sectors have steadily been investing dollars, laying groundwork and clearing the way for redevelopment of the downtown Vancouver waterfront. Most recently at the state level, the port received $4.7 million in the state’s 2019 supplemental capital budget for design and construction work for stormwater improvements and Vancouver Landing renovations at its Terminal 1 site.   


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The Port of Vancouver USA is one of the major ports on the Pacific Coast, and its competitive strengths include available land, versatile cargo handling capabilities, vast transportation networks, a skilled labor force and an exceptional level of service to its customers and community. For more information, please visit us at www.portvanusa.com. 



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